Web Design & Development

Black Cat Interactive design - in progress

One-page website for Marina's Massage. Done on Wordpress. marinasmassage.com

Photography theme for Wordpress.

Alternate design concept for Mirrored Photography site. (unused)

Web design, development & hosting (live - mirroredphotography.com)

Buriel Webwerx site design (our old site - still live - burielwebwerx.com)

Site design, development & hosting for onesmallstep.com (Live - ecommerce)

Website & logo design, development & hosting (live - boycottthebaggie.com, a companion site to onesmallstep.com)

Website design created for encinitaseducationalfoundation.org (live)

Website design, development & hosting for serratotejocotes.com (live)

Website design for osimcha.com, a wedding video streaming and album site in Israel. (in development)

First design created for Encinitas Educational Foundation (unused due to logo change, and another design created - see image #5)

Concept design for fictitious reptile shop. (unused - concept)

Website & logo design created for siteroller.com. (In development)


Various projects we have designed and developed. Some are also hosted on our virtual private hosting service. All designs are custom with custom graphics and some include logo design.




website design, logo design, development, hosting